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gbenga totoyiIn today’s economy, employees are consistently saddled with more responsibilities, and expected to contribute more towards the achievement of lofty corporate goals and objectives. Often this means being more focused and knowledgeable with less support and fewer resources. If you’re feeling the pressure to keep up, learn continuously and demonstrate your talents simultaneously, you’re not alone. This is where a mentorship can be such a competitive edge.

Here are 5 benefits of having a mentor;

Perspective: lessons and tips from the years they have ahead of you can expand your horizon and increases your scope of reference. Asking friends and colleagues for help when you’re stuck can be helpful but a mentor is likely to give you an entirely different perspective from others you are close to. They can offer you impartial advice from a professional point of view, which may help you see opportunities and challenges from a more constructive perspective.

Accountability: Mentors are responsibility partners. Motivation can be a hard thing to get sometimes but sharing your objectives and agreeing goal means you have someone to hold you accountable to those goals. This means you’re more likely to take action and will therefore see results quicker.

Feedback: A lot of ideas die to procrastination and wrong analysis. If you have an idea for your business or product then having a mentor to bounce these ideas off of can help you plan and organise how to put them into action and make them a reality a lot faster. Your mentor may be able to see potential pitfalls and opportunities that had not occurred to you, which could be the difference between success or failure.

Focus: Trendy news and stories on social media….loads of friends and events to catch up with can be sometimes too much to handle. It’s becoming all too easy to get distracted these days, so having someone to help you stay on track and focus your attention/energy on the important things will help you maintain personal growth and smash your professional targets.

Career progression: Having a mentor is a great way to find out about new learning and job opportunities as they may hear about opportunities before they are advertised and should be willing to give you an introduction to any potential employer. Being introduced like this gives you a head start in the application process and opens doors in the right places.

Start looking for your own mentor immediately and just in case you have one already, MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

Do let us know your thoughts as we continue this conversation. Stay in touch for more tips to aid your career growth.

Written by @GbengaTotoyi

Social Media: @GbengaTotoyi

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