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By Halima Bakenne

So 2017 is almost over, how is that fitness goal you had at the beginning of the year looking? I know it isn’t my business but I’ve come bearing amazing tips on how to get fit in Lagos without breaking the bank. It’s never too late to start on a goal so try them out and enjoy your fitness journey.


This is first on the list because besides being a link bridge, the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge has other benefits and one of them is its fitness use. In the early hours of the morning right before work, take a quick run on this bridge to start your day. It comes with the advantage of seeing hunks and beauties of all specs also getting their workout in so you don’t have to worry about security – talk about an added bonus!


This is extremely important in every fitness journey. Planning your food ensures that you shed unhealthy eating habits like consuming anything that comes your way even when you’re not hungry. Whether or not you are one to indulge in unhealthy eating, meal plans help you to get the proper nutrients and calories in your system.

An advantage of meal planning that I really love is that even without working out, you can lose some weight exclusively with a proper meal plan.


These events mostly happen at the end of the year to bring together fitness gurus, enthusiasts, food experts etc. to interest people and guide them on their fitness journey. Have no idea how to be a part of these? All you have to do is follow and stalk fitness gurus on social media and check out fitness blogs to keep up with what is happening and where. These events are not all about working out though, before you start rethinking it, they are actually fun and perfect for networking.


Being fun and creative with what you eat is an important part of your fitness journey, so when you have a recipe that requires tuna fish but what you have is mackerel, enjoy! The ability to interchange your ingredients and make use of what you already have saves you the extra cost of spending. Don’t break the bank because you must have EXACTLY what is in the recipe!


This is another means to get fit in Lagos without breaking the bank. Get yourself interested in fitness programs on TV and YouTube, if you can get your hands on a fitness DVD please buy one and religiously follow these. These help you to get fit without leaving the comfort of your home.


I put this last because besides the fact that finding a cheap gym in Lagos might prove to be a fool’s errand, it also might not be totally necessary if you follow the above steps but I understand that some of us actually need the motivation of paid-for classes at the gym to help us commit to the fitness lifestyle.

The trick however is to do some research on the gyms in your area (not the highbrow ones) and go for the one with the cheapest fee, ensure the gym strikes a balance between cost and usefulness.

You can also buy fitness equipment such as skipping rope, yoga mat and/or dumbbells to make up for the workout routines you might be missing out on in the gym.

With these tips, financial constraints should no longer be an excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle, so get yourself fit in Lagos without breaking the bank.

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