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OMG it’s actually happening! Some one pinch us cos we can’t believe it’s true, Will & Grace will be coming to a DSTV or Go TV box near you. For those of you who may be to young to remember Will & Grace we urge you, actually we beg you to go online and catch up on this 90’s gem.



Will & Grace is officially the latest nostalgic TV favorite to get a revival. According to ET online Leslie Jordan, who appeared as Beverley Leslie on the beloved sitcom, confirmed the news to San Diego radio station KPBS.




“It’s back,” Jordan said during the interview. And when the interviewer tried to give him an out and say the shows was ‘perhaps’ coming back, Jordan interrupted to make it clear that there’s no ‘maybe’ about it- just a complete absolute.
We are so excited another reason to leave home and the gym early- bring it on!
Written by Tokyo James

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