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I speak for most ladies (and some men) when I say, I dread, loathe, hate and despise pimples. It has a way of making you self-conscious. Sometimes, makeup doesn’t do the trick. But never fear, Accelerate is here to help you. Here are a few tips for hiding pimples:

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The first step to hiding is prevention. When you take good care of your skin, you will have no need to hide blemishes. Have a skin care regime for day and night that you follow consistently. This will include moisturizing and cleansing your skin regularly. Remove all makeup before going to bed and wash your face and skin thoroughly.

Another preventive measure is using a scar cream. Use products that will help you remove the blemishes on your skin. Make sure you do adequate research to discover the product that best suits your skin type. If all these measure to not work, head to a dermatologist.

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When getting ready the next day, ensure that you apply your makeup to clean and moisturised skin. This will also prevent skin irritation and break outs as well as enhance the appearance of your makeup and increase how long it stays longer.

When covering your face with makeup, use the right colour of that matches your skin tone. Choose the right colour that is most similar to your natural skin tone. The one that doesn’t match the skin properly will make the acne stand out more.

rid of blemish

Apply foundation first before applying concealer. This will help hide the acne first and the concealer that follows will give a smooth and glamorous finishing touch. The ultimate to make the concealer stay is powder. Once your powder is on, everything is there to stay.
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When the makeup is all off, don’t forget to moisturise. This cannot be overemphasised. Finally, when you have found the routine that works best for, stick to it.

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