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Dark circles come about as a result of not getting enough sleep (or as a result of being sad that you have to go back to work after the long weekend). Most times you have a job, or a new baby, or are a student and with the things going on in your life, you are not getting enough shut eye. Well, the first advice here will be to get more rest. In case that can’t happen for a while, here are a few ways to make them less prominent.

Hydrate: Dehydration can make the puffiness and discoloration more visible. So the first thing to do that can make a whole lot of difference is to stay hydrated. This simple act can go a long way in making you look better the whole day.

dark circle hydrate


Eye cream: If you feel like the first step is a hassle, or it takes more time, there is always eye cream. This cream includes ingredients that are good for your skin. They will nourish the skin. Don’t forget the Accelerate mantra- always use good quality products. If the over the counter product doesn’t suffice, and you need more advice on the kind of treatment that will be good for your skin, visit a dermatologist. Sunscreen should not be left out of the eye care regime because UV rays make the dark circles appear more pigmented.

dark circle eye cream


Makeup: When the permanent (more or less) solutions are not within reach, there is always the makeup fix. A little concealer on that area can go a long way.  Also, use eye products that will brighten your eyes. Resist using makeup that will easily melt and droop. That will just worsen the dark circles.

dark circle makeup

Once in a while (or for some most times), we have those tired days. While sometimes we can’t avoid it, we can help you look your best either way. Stay true to these tips and you will look glamorously tired.

Images: news24.com.ng, geneviveng.com, blackgirlhealth.com

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