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You can never try enough makeup looks. Here are 5 stunning and daring eyeshadow looks for you to try on a Saturday night.

Purple Punch!

Purple is a color that’s definitely for the fearless. It’s both beautiful and dramatic and makes a strong statement. Blend your favorite shades so that they blur into each other and build from light to dark, starting at the corner of your eyes. Make sure to opt for a soft lip, so that your eyes get all the attention they deserve.

Purple punch

Red Hot Stunner

The perfect color for fall…and for every sultry siren. This look the sparkle that reminds us of rubies and other red precious stones. The key to this look is making sure you match your transition color perfectly. Use a similar shade that gives red undertones but isn’t quite red.

Red Hot Summer

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Written by Oladotun Adio

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