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BBNaija is back once again, and it’s already looking like a promising season. Read below to get to know the 2021 BBnaija housemates and find out who you’ll be rooting for.

  1. Whitemoney

Whitemoney: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate









Hazel Oyeze Onou a.k.a whitemoney is a 29 year old self acclaimed ‘hustler’ from Enugu state. The Lagos based businessman has jumped over some difficult hurdles in his life, being as at a point in time he was once a ‘okada’ driver, a commercial motorcyclist.

  1. Angel

Angel: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate










Angel Agnes Smith a.k.a Angel is a 21 year old writer from Akwa-Ibom. Angel opened up to the rest of the housemates early and told them about how started self-harming at the tender age of 14. Growing up with her grandmother, secondary school was tough and the pressure from her grandmother didn’t help. She pointed out that school isn’t for her as she was in unilag for two weeks, and in those two weeks she attended no lectures

  1. Liquorose

Liquorose: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate










Roseline Omokhoa Afije aka Liquorose is a well-known professional dancer and leader of a girl dance group. The 26 year old started off her dancing career as a video vixen. 


  1. MariaMaria: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate










Maria Chike Agueze a.k.a Maria is a 29 year old realtor based in Dubai. Prior to being a realtor, she worked as a flight attendant for emirates. Maria is bi-racial with her father being from Imo state in Nigeria, and her mother being half-English and half-Austrian.


  1. SaskaySaskay: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Tsakute Jonah a.k.a Saskay is a 21 year old artist from Adamawa. Being an extrovert all her life, Saskay told the housemates about the time she was suspended in school!


  1. NiniNini: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Anita Singh a.k.a Nini is a 27 year old economist and aspiring model. She currently lives in Abuja and hopes that after big brother, she will be able to own her own fashion brand.


  1. BomaBoma: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate






Boma Akpore comes from a very humble background. The 34 year old supported himself through school. He is a masseuse during the day and a bartender at night. Boma has been in a marriage once but the marriage failed.


  1. ArinArin: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate






Arinola Olowoporoku a.k.a Arin is a 29 year old piercing fanatic. Arin has a shocking 17 piercings on her body! She comes from a polygamous home. Arin is a fashion designer and arts and culture curator focusing on contemporary visual arts in Africa.

  1. CrossCross: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate







Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo is a 30 year old fitness entrepreneur who produces work supplements. Prior to finally becoming a big brother housemate, Cross auditioned for big brother four times! 


  1. BeatriceBeatrice: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Beatrice Agba Nwaji is a 28 year old single mother from Port Harcourt. Beatrice wants to own a modelling agency after big brother!

  1. EmmanuelEmmanuel: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Emmanuel Umoh is a 24 year old entrepreneur from Akwa Ibom. He owns a unisex salon and spa and a fitness centre. Emmanuel has won the mister Africa pageant.




  1. Jackie BJackie B: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Jackie Bent a.k.a Jackie B is an interior designing single mother. She is also a certified event planner. 


  1. JaypaulJaypaul: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Paul Ephraim a.k.a Jaypaul is a 29 year old musician and actor. Jaypaul has placed an emphasis on family ties.


  1. NiyiNiyi: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Adeniyi Lawai a.k.a Niyi is 33 year old computer engineer from Oyo state. Niyi is in a committed relationship and also a father. Niyi had dreams of being a professional basketballer, but his dreams were unfortunately cut short by sciatica.


  1. PerePere: 2021 Bbnaija






Pere Egbi is a 35 year old real estate agent. Prior to being a real estate agent, he was a certified nurse that served in the United States military for six years. He is also a part-time actor and model.


  1. SagaSaga: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate








Adeoluwa Okusaga a.k.a Saga is a 28 year old offshore engineer with a passion for hyper-realistic portraits. He also runs an online fitness club.


  1. PeacePeace: 2021 Bbnaija








Peace Ogor is a 26 year old business owner from Port Harcourt. She owns her own clothing store.


  1. SammieSammie: 2021 Bbnaija







Samuel Jacob Alifa a.k.a Sammie is a 26 year old amateur filmmaker. A talkative who admits he’s a talkative! Sammie hopes that he can take his filmmaking to the next level after big brother.


  1. PrincessPrincess: 2021 Bbnaija Housemate










Princess Francis is a 30-year-old e-hailing service driver and business owner from Imo state. 


  1. YerinsYerins: 2021 Bbnaija








Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo is a 27 year old Ukraine-trained medical doctor. He plans to writing a medical book


  1. TegaTega: 2021 Bbnaija






Tega Dominic is a 29 year old mother of one. She places emphasis on motherhood and has said that it has changed her perspective on life.


  1. YousefYousef: 2021 Bbnaija






Yousef Garba is a 29 year old secondary school teacher, model, host and personal trainer. Yousef has won the Mr. University of Jos and Jos carnival king.


Now that you know who’s in the house, which of 2021 Bbnaija Housemates will you be supporting?


By: Timi Noibi

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