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Get Your Own Wavy Hairstyle In These Easy Steps

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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Wavy hairdos never go out of trend in the beauty world. Wavy weaves come in different looks, textures and can be used for different styles depending on individual preference and beauty taste. It is super easy to make and not time consuming unlike braiding.

The good thing about this hairstyle is that, it comes in different colours and ombre looks which gives every lady the freedom to choose what look and style to go with. No matter the season or occasion beauty lovers know that wavy hairstyles are always in style. Equal parts elegant, fun and cool, loose waves work with every cut and hair type, they’re fancy enough for the red carpet, brunch date, lunch date and can equally fit in for any event you will like to witness

The wavy hairstyle can be slayed in different ways and can also be attached directly to our hair or in form of a wig. Also, there are no restrictions in wearing this look so our naturalistas are not left out of this look. This is one every lady’s unique and fierce style you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

How to Get the Wavy Hair

Step 1: Start With Damp Hair – This style works on both freshly washed and second-day hair. But when you start with damp hair and blow it dry (as we’re about to do), you have more control over the final look.

Step 2: Use Mousse- Mousse has a reputation for being an old-lady product, but modern formulas help add volume and hold — without the crunchiness and stickiness of mousses of yore. apply it in small sections of your hair from root to tip.

Step 3: Blow It Out – Using a blow-dryer with a nozzle to dry your hair. It is advised to use your fingers instead of a brush, which results in a wavy hairstyle more natural-looking than a blowout. When your hair is mostly dry, divide it into two sections and create two loose braids as this adds even more texture to the hair which is key to pulling off this hairstyle.

Step 4: Then, spritz your braids with a wave spray and let your hair set for a few minutes. Undo the braids and finish finger-drying your hair.

Step 5: Divide and Conquer Split- your hair down the back of your head to create a left section and a right section. Then, divide these into top and bottom sections. Clip the top section out of the way. Starting on the bottom section, curl your hair with a one-inch wand or curling iron. Alternate between curling your hair away from your face and toward your face as this keeps the waves from looking too polished and done.  Leave the ends of your hair out of the curling iron to give your tousled hair a piece-y finish.

Step 6: Just Keep Curling- Once you’ve finished the bottom section of one side, let the top section down and use the same curling technique. Repeat with the remaining sections. But when you’re done curling your entire head, it will look something like this — so don’t freak out that your wavy hairstyle is more beauty pageant than bed head at this point.

Step7: Bring Back the Wave Spray- Now, you’re going to deconstruct all those curls you just made.
Mist your hair with the wave spray you used earlier, then use your fingers to break apart the curls. using a wet wave spray allows you to really shape your hair and create that wavy effect. (It also keeps your hair from poofing up.)

Step 8: Focus on pulling the curls down to loosen them, and pulling them apart to get that rolled-out-of-bed, wavy-hair look.

Step 9: Give It Lived- In Texture Spray dry shampoo on your roots for extra volume. Dry shampoo doubles as a dry texture spray, lightly spraying it over the rest of your hair as well, then running your fingers through your hair again.

This is different than the wave spray because it adds texture and a bit of hold, whereas the wave spray allows you to mold and shape your wavy hair.

The Finishing Touches: give your hair the once-over with hairspray, and then use your fingers to further shake out your curls. The more you scatter it up, the better.

Get inspired by some wavy hairstyles in the slides above

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