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Everyone is unique, hence that’s why we don’t all look and dress alike. Identifying and understanding your personal style can be tricky. Renowned designer Ayodeji Osinulu, owner and creative director of luxury menswear brand Deji Eniola, shares with us his experience as a designer and shares some advice on how one can understand and identify his/her style choices.

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What is your favourite part about being a designer?Being a designer gives me a chance at creating and designing lifestyles; a rare privilege of the arts. I am able to give life to my imaginations. That’s a powerful one for me. Just picture someone wearing your piece, touching it and liking it and in your mind, you are thinking “You are literally touching and loving my thoughts”.

What’s the most challenging part as well?Society can sometimes put you in a box. If you are not strongly convinced of your own aesthetics and design lean, you might find yourself going with the flow dictated by society, doing what every other person seems to be doing, thereby betraying your creative calling.

Deji Eniola2

All this aside, will you say your designs are a reflection of your personal taste?
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I think for all designers our outputs are somewhat reflections of our personal tastes; what we will like to wear or how we would love to see the world dress. Although we all do modify in a number of ways to accommodate the fact that one isn’t only designing for oneself, but for one’s whole niche market and it’s very necessary that the designs appeal to a larger part of that market. So you reduce the length here, make a longer sleeve there or create more colour options than one would personally wear. Nevertheless, the foundation of every design is usually built on what appealed to the designer in the first place.

Can you describe your style?Simple, classic with massive doses of elegance suppressed.

How can one identify their personal style?First, I think you need to have a mind of your own. That is, when you study that fashion magazine, you filter and not just take it all in piece for piece, style for style. Same for fashion shows too, when you watch them, take what appeals to you and pair with something in your wardrobe. Don’t do the whole ‘rip it off and wear just as it is, or replicate just as it is, as most fashion lovers do here in this part of the world’ I always say ‘Fashion is a foreign language, Style is our native interpretation’

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Finally, what is your advice for those struggling with their personal style?If you are struggling with your personal style. A pointer to watch out for is the screen. There definitely will be one person, most likely a celebrity that appeals to your taste buds- style wise, follow that lead.

Well, you have heard it from one of the best minds in the fashion industry. Find a fashion role model and for guys Deji will be one fantastic role model. His brand definitely shows classy, elegant sartorial.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: olisa.tv, bellanaija.com, pagesbyike.com

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