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We love the artistic look of fashion brand Larry Jay in his new autumn/winter 19 collection. Tie & Die is not a fabric we’ve seen in our fashion space in the longest time thus the blend of earthy colours and vibrancy of tie&die brings the collection life.

larry jay 1

Speaking on the collection in an accompanying press release, the designer said;

“Being my first time putting together an Autumn Winter collection, I decided to go a bit global. Global in a way that had to do with the kinds of lives lived by people in my immediate surroundings and outside of it. The cuts and selection of fabrics for this collection were inspired by the style and ways of living that reflects their attitudes, habits, tastes, moral standards, socio-economic level, values, etc – a reflection of the past, present or future cultures of these people.

The collection sports slightly thick and heavy cotton brocade which was hand tied and dyed by some local Guinean artisans based in Ghana to very soft and flowy silk and cotton fabrics, fleece, spandex, synthetic fur material, and leather.

See more looks from the collection below:

larry jay 1 larry jay 1 larry jay 1 larry jay 1 larry jay 1


Photography: @teamblackimage

Styling/Creative Direction: @[email protected]_poley @larrybwoi

Models: Maria Mikael/Fred Blewusi/Precious Mawudese/Abraham S.Pierre/Laura Addy

By Sarah Oyedo

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