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Today sees the launch of #mygidi, a new minidocumentary about Lagos, and the experience of several individuals exploring the vibrant Nigerian city for the first time. WATCH HERE

The 20 minute programme immerses the viewer in a journey of life changing experiences shared by the range of guests, artists and content creators, and captures their changing perception of Africa over the course of a 7 day trip.

Guests from a variety of backgrounds share their findings, such as the South African gqom / house artist Moonchild Sanelly, London’s plus size model Felicity Hayward, Ghanian hip hop artist Joey B, New York-based singer/songwriter Bridget Kelly, artist Jade Laurice, LA-based digital creative Rene Daniella and many more.

Taking in the vibrant sights and sounds, the group indulge in a social, cultural and community focused expedition that takes in the unique and often overlooked aspects of Nigeria. Everything from the vibrant nightlife, cuisine, fashion, art, trade, sports and live music at Gidi Culture Fest, exposes a rich and varied travel experience provided by the fast paced West African city in a way that’s not been shown before.

As part of Black History Month, #mygidi was screened to audiences in LA, NYC, London, Berlin and Lagos during October and November, before being released online today. Produced by Alex Duncan (84 Projects) and Chin Okeke (Eclipse Live/Gidi Fest), #mygidi expands on the 6 part web series released in January 2019, which was created during an earlier excursion in Easter 2018 by 4 more international content creators.

Alex Duncan, Creative Director of #mygidi and 84 Projects says… “The ability to have access to Africa is something I don’t take lightly, the quest for my own understanding as a member of the African Diaspora is something I realized I needed to share with others. Providing the opportunity for discovery, enlightenment, culture and experience I believe #mygidi is something everyone in the diaspora should experience.”

Chin Okeke, Co-Founder of Eclipse Live adds, “For me, this project has changed my life. Understanding how different all our black stories are and how important it is that we are more accepting and empathetic about them. I’ve been moved by how it has inspired others and even more so how it has motivated us to take charge of our narrative because it will heal.”

#mygidi ignites the journey in shaping the perspectives of the continent to promote and inspire others to travel and experience the diversity, complexity and unabashed beauty of one of Africa’s most vibrant cities.

“Gidi is home, welcome to #mygidi”


Bridget Kelly, Mariska Richards, Danjuma Enebi, Stephanie Larosiliere, Joseph Ceant, Jessica Franklin, Felicity Hayward, Leila Jean, Dajion Davenport, Isaiah Pegues, Jade Laurice, Ben Weyerhauser, Rene Daniella, Maya Lashaba, Blinky Bill, Joey B, Moonchild Sanelly

Gidi Culture Festival

https://gidiculturefestival.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/gidifest/

“Gidi Fest” is the largest music festival in west Africa, celebrating the progression of urban youth culture in Africa. Easter 2020 will be it’s 7th edition that will uncover a new look that unpacks the one day festival over 4 days.

About Eclipse Live


Eclipse Live Africa was created with the intention of providing live, affordable and accessible entertainment to African youth, innovating experiences through creativity and technology.

About 84 Projects

A creative space, creating and connecting opportunities for people of color with brands and experiences.

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