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We all know that it is difficult for a girl to approach or woo a guy out of the blues. It will be frowned at in this environment. In fact, the guy might think you are cheap, desperate and irresponsible (but of course you are not).  And if you dare have such a relationship, he might take you for granted. Hence, girls rarely make attempt to woo a guy. However, you have this particular friend or colleague that sends shivers down your spine whenever you are around him. Inwardly, you want to officially date him. But he is dulling and you cannot walk up to hit on him. You have to find a way to smartly and subtly ask for a relationship in order not to give yourself away. Here are the ways:

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Be patient for the signs

When you are close to a guy, it doesn’t automatically mean he is interested in you. He may simply see you as a friend and it ends there (friend zone). You have to be patient for him to show the signs, like he tells you about his goals, he introduces you to his family and friends as his girlfriend and includes you in his future. At this junction, you don’t have to wait. Obviously, you will wonder why he doesn’t want to ask you. You can help him by asking him.

Get to know each other

Getting to know each other is essential as it will prepare you for the answer you will receive when you eventually talk to him about a possible relationship. Besides, if you know each other, it means both of you can discuss anything.

Say it in passing during a conversation

During a less serious conversation, you can ask what he thinks about dating you. He may think you are joking, ignore you, and go on with the tête-à-tête or he may respond. This said, no matter the response, make sure you don’t overemphasise the issue.

Call him your boyfriend 

This is an underhand way to ask a guy to be your boyfriend. Just tell him that you told your friend that he is your boyfriend. You can follow this up with a smile saying can’t you be my boyfriend? His reaction will help you decide if you should talk about dating or shelve the idea.


Do it privately

After you have established that bond, it is advisable that you don’t ask him openly. You should do it privately. The guy may be uncomfortable that you are talking about dating him in the presence of his friends. He may feel pressured and may reject your advances.

Ask him to accompany you to an event

Attending a party with him gives you a headway in any relationship. It’s like you’re sending a signal to everyone that you’re together. If he is comfortable with it, he will go with you.

Just tell him how you feel

This is arguably the best way to go about making a guy your boyfriend. Just open up to him and tell him how you feel.

Written By Damilola Faustino
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