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By Damilola Faustino

Dear boys, if you want a break up, please just say it and quit the ‘I need some space’ line, because we will just overthink it and probably still end up breaking up with you. If you’re wondering what we mean, check out 6 things we interpret that space thing as – there’s more, but we’re sure you get the gist from these ones.

overthinking girl

He wants to break up

Sometimes your boyfriend will test the waters and figure out how you feel about ending things by saying that he needs space. He’s not officially breaking up with you or even moving in that direction so he figures that this is a safe thing to say and a good place to start. If you do not get the message he is sending, he may have no choice than to be blunt by telling you it is over.

He’s feeling pressured

You probably already know that if there’s one thing that guys hate when it comes to being in a relationship, it’s being pressured. He doesn’t want to live someone else’s life or feel like he should be doing something according to what society wants. So if he feels that you’re putting any kind of pressure on him, whether you want to move in together or even get married, then he might say he wants space because he doesn’t know how to tell you that he’s not ready to commit that much yet.

He thinks he made a mistake

If your boyfriend says that he needs space as soon as he commits to you, then that means that he thinks that he made a mistake. Unfortunately for you, this doesn’t bode well for your future relationship. If he was truly cool with the choice that he made and the changes in your lives, then he would never, ever say that he needed space.

He’s unsure about you

If your boyfriend says that he needs space, it’s totally possible that he’s unsure about you. Yeah, he gets that you’re a completely amazing person and that you’re essentially a catch. And yeah, he cares about you. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t. But he’s just not certain that you’re the right person for him right now and in the future, too.

He met another girl

No one wants to even consider the remote possibility that the person they love could have fallen for someone else. But sometimes a guy will tell you that he needs space and it’s because he met another girl. He doesn’t want to rock the boat of your relationship by breaking up with you right now, but he doesn’t want to let this girl go, either. He wants to explore the possibility of being with her and so he’s going to say that he needs some space for you so he can go and do that.

He wants to be single

Some guys get it into their heads that it’s better to live the single life. They don’t want to be tied down or saddled with a girlfriend. And it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. It just means that they’re getting pressure from their friends or, worse, all their friends are single so they figure they might as well be, too.

So why not help us all by telling us exactly what you want your space for…

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