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Written By Damilola Faustino

One thing that can never be changed is the 24 hours that everybody has to improve and become better people. There is no excuse for not being productive since others are using the same time you have in your hands to achieve incredible milestones, whether it’s in their work or personal life. These individuals have given up certain habits or things they do to improve productivity. These are the things they abandoned:


Working long hours

Research reveal that those who work for more than eight hours a day have lower productivity and higher burnout time. Working more than eight hours may be nice, but the reality is you are not getting anything done. A to-do list will really help you here.

Always checking your email

Except you rely heavily on your email to perform, you should avoid checking it every second or minute. The ultimate way to deal with this habit is to only check email at particular times. Ensure you stick to these times. For those who receive email notifications, still, adhere to the time you decide to check.

Doing the easy task first 

What do you do first on your to-do list? If it is the easy task, you have to stop it. The difficult task should always come first because you have the strength, motivation and focus on doing it.

Coffee for breakfast

Coffee contains caffeine that keeps you awake. So, rather than downing coffee in the morning, you should eat a proper breakfast. If you want, you can take coffee alongside your breakfast.

Barely sleeping

There is no gainsaying that you are supposed to get seven to eight hours of sleep daily. However, we do not because of the thousand and one things that prevent us from sleeping. Number one is our smartphone. If you do not want to doze off at work, sleep as much as you can.

Scheduling weekly meetings

Many workers detest weekly meeting but they will not say so. They have no choice than to attend the meeting even though they have so much to do. The annoying thing is that you practically end up discussing the same thing. You can fix the meetings once in two weeks. And if you cannot agree to this, the meeting should not run forever.

Eating lunch at your desk

The fact is you will waste productive time eating at your table than when you go to your office’s eating table.

 Not taking breaks

Taking breaks refreshes your brain and gives it brief rest. Re-energise your brain by taking breaks. Do not postpone it because whether you like it or not, you will be forced to take it as your brain will automatically shut down. At this point, you are saturated and you will take the break.

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