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21st June 2018 will forever go down in history, not only in fashion but around the world. The day a black man showed the world his vision of fashion under the Umbrella of one of the world’s most historical fashion houses.

virgil abloh

Virgil Abloh

This colaso feet has not only made waves around the industry, but the symbolism of it is a huge step forward for the inclusive moment currently sweeping the world.

The man of the moment, on whom the eyeballs of the fashion world are glued and, more importantly, those of the global.

Millions of the boy fans who adulate him was bounding genially around 24 hours before the debut, which has already been characterised as a seismic upheaval at the centre of the fashion establishment.

The Glass Celine, which has been cracked by the 37-year-old African -American hailing from Rockford, Illinois, has kept fashion lovers excited since the announcement of his appointment and he did not disappoint.

virgil abloh

The clean lines, exaggerated silhouettes, fabrication and colour gave us street wear that felt like a fairy tail straight out of a Disney Movie.

We expected nothing less but what really took the world by storm was the social message behind the show saying that “I’m here; I want to show that I’m just a figure with many more behind me, I’ve cracked open the door. I want to show it’s open, to meet people halfway.”

To that end, he has invited 3,000 students to the open air spectacular he’s planned in a takeover of the gardens of the Palais Royal. On their seat, all guests will find a program Abloh has thought through with the eye and brain of the graphic designer he is.
virgil abloh

“They will be able to identify who the models are, what they do. It’s about giving them an identity, about them no longer being anonymous bodies. There’s a map of where they live in the world and where their parents came from. I thought that works with the idea of LV and travel.

“Laying a foundation, that’s what this season is about. I want to speak to the generation presiding. But I also want a young generation to come in and know, hey there’s someone here who is listening and speaking back to them,” he said.

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