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By Damilola Faustino

The moment you’re first told you need glasses can be truly life-changing. Whether this fills you with joy at the stylish and sophisticated choices that lie ahead or dread at never finding a pair that suits, glasses will now be something you have to learn to live with. Sometimes glasses can be a lifesaver – they not only help you see but hide dark eyes on tired days. However, they can also be pretty annoying, especially during sweaty workouts. To make your life with lenses easier, here are amazing glasses tips that you should never be without.


Use toothpaste to remove scratches

If you wear your glasses day-in, day-out, they’re bound to get a little wear and tear over time. If you’ve noticed scratches beginning to appear, there’s no need to get new lenses immediately – you may be able to fix them with a little toothpaste. Remove scratches with a clean cloth and a small blob of toothpaste – your glasses will look as good as new in no time!

Use hair bobble to stop glasses from slipping

Simply take a hair bobble and tie it around the end of your glasses arm at the point that sits behind your ear. Repeat on the other side, and the glasses will no longer be able to slip and slide.

How to wear glasses when working out

If you’ve ever tried working out whilst wearing your glasses, you’ll know that sweat and lenses don’t mix. Sweat will make your glasses slip and slide all over the place – not ideal when you’re trying to stay focused. You can use Nerdwax, which is a special wax (that looks a lot like a lip balm) that you apply to the nose pads before exercising. This clever formula will keep your glasses in place, no matter what you get up to. Plus, Nerdwax is made from natural ingredients so won’t aggravate the skin.

Prevent lenses from fogging with soap

Drastic changes in temperature will have an instant effect on your glasses, fogging lenses and making them impossible to see out of. To keep them crystal clear, whatever the temperature, rub a dry bar of soap over the lenses. Wipe with a clean cloth, and the soap will prevent them from fogging.

Use a toothpick to replace a missing glasses screw

Glasses screws are so tiny – if you lose one, you may have a hard time finding it again. No need to worry. If you can’t get to the opticians for a replacement right away, a toothpick is all you need to provide a temporary fix. Push the toothpick into the screw hole, and then gently snap it off just above. Whilst it won’t last forever, this is a good temporary fix to keep your glasses working properly.

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