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We are young adults now and our parents have done everything they could to get us here. All our lives as Nigerian children, we have faced our books and competed with classmates who had two or more heads and if we have managed to get a real social life together, it’s no thanks to our parents since we had to be home every day no matter what before it was dark outside.


*leaves house by 9* Mom: Be back by 9:03 oh!

But all that matters is we have jobs now. We have cars now. We probably have a place of our own now. We are learning to stand on our own. The problem is we thought this was all our parents cared about until they started wondering and asking us where our girlfriends or boyfriends are. Now we think back, trying to figure out one time in the past decade they helped us with finding this person they are asking about…

The space between “If I see you with any boy/girl, you’ll see what I will do to you!” and “When are you bringing my son/daughter-in- law home?” with most of our parents was nonexistent and while we try to understand why it happened this way, we should also try to figure out how it could be different with our own kids.


Me whenever my parents ask when I’ll get married 

Does allowing our children a little freedom really spell doom or can we trust that we have raised them well enough to know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong? Is it better on the longrun to be overprotective or is it okay to allow them make some mistakes they can learn from? Did our parents handle it the best way or could it be handled better? We need to start giving it serious thought now to gift our children with lives as wholesome as our parents want for us.

Written by Olutobi Odunubi

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