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In the words of Patrick Allan, “We all get angry sometimes, but if you’re prone to rage bursts that rival The Hulk, it can really damage your relationships and even ruin your career”.  Here are quick tips to help keep your cool when your temper feels like a short fuse burning.

  1. Stop yourself before you react
  1. Count to ten
  1. Think about the situation
  1. Take a time out
  1. Take a couple of deep breaths
  1. Picture yourself getting angry and see how it would look
  1. Meditate or exercise in short bursts
  1. Issue a calm warning to those that get to you
  1. Turn your rage into unstoppable productivity
  1. Do some damage control with humor
  1. Separate yourself from what triggers your rage most, if you can

Culled from lifehacker

Image Credit: Google

Written by: Odinekachukwu Ishicheli


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