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On this fourth day of Christmas, it’s important you get inspired. Inspired to pray, to live right, to fight your fears, to achieve your dreams and to be an inspiration to other women.


Women and African women, in particular face many peculiar struggles as the society in some way conforms us and decides who we ‘should’ be, where we are ‘supposed’ to work when we should marry and have children. Generations after generation repeat this cycle of conformity, entrenching even deeper these tacit norms without questioning them.


These facts intrigued Glory Edozien (who bagged a doctorate degree in Real Estate and Environmental Planning from the University of Reading, UK, a previous feature editor on BellaNaija and currently the editor at large) to make research about the class of women who are not held back by the norms of our society. Women who despise been ingrained in these tightly packed societal practices are blazing the trail and doing extraordinary things. Women who she termed “Sheroes”,  impacting their communities in small and big ways, without any need for accolades or recognition.


The more Glory researched and discovered these women, the more she realised that they were like footprints. You never really hear them coming or see them arrive, but somehow, through the work they do they live deeply etched marks for those who come after. Glory Edozien was inspired by this and hopes that as she explores the lives of these women, herself and all who watch/read will become inspired to follow the trail and leave behind the mundane definitions of what society dictates we should be.


In her Accelerate 12 days of Christmas goody bag is a once in a lifetime free consultation on branding for women, free consultation on self-love and self-branding. She has interviewed several celebrities and persons of note such as Isha Seesay of CNN International, Banky W, Tiwa Savage, Haffsat Abiola-Costello to mention only a few. Her articles have been published in Bellanaija.com, Complete Fashion Magazine, Elan, Daily Times and Fab magazine. You are in for a real treat!