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Imagine you are at the mall; you still have a list of things to do but you can’t move any more. Your soles aches, your back aches, any part of your body that can ache, it is aching! The problem more often than none is the clothes you are wearing. This seems unbelievable, I know, but comfort is actually a major part of shopping, regardless of if it’s just a day of aimless walking around, or a day of objective shopping, you have to dress to achieve your optimum best. If you’re tired of all those aches then pay attention now as we dissect how things can go right or wrong for your day at mall while staying fabulous.

Shoes aka Foot Wears

comfortable shoes1

There is so much to see and do. With this, you just have to wear comfortable shoes. Keep the fashionable-dinner party heels at home. You don’t want it getting caught in the escalators, that would end terribly for you. Now, even the comfortable shoes have to ones that can easily come off (in case you have to try one fabulous clothes). Avoid shoes with unnecessary buckles and laces. It will become frustrating when you have to undo and redo them at every store.

Outer Wears

light outerwear

We are already in a country where the temperature can become outrageously high. If you are concerned about the mall air condition that’s understandable but you don’t have to wear a winter coat for that. A lot of walking around can cause you to sweat. Keep your outer clothes light enough for air to pass through and this would help you not leave a ‘wet stain’ or smell on the clothes you try on. That would be unfortunate for the next person trying it out.




Almost every girl loves to look bling and glam in accessories. And why not- diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Don’t wear large and elaborate jewellery because it could get caught on clothes or worse lost. One piece of a pair is of no use to anyone. Carry a large purse that you can use to stash most if not all of your purchases. It can be carried on the shoulders as well, leaving you elbows and wrist sore free for the weight of the purse.

Hair and Makeup

bad hair day

Don’t wear bridal makeup to the mall, you don’t want to get your new clothes or not yet purchased ones all stained. Same goes for your hair do. Simple and natural is the best option. You won’t want to go around looking like a hair monster because your hair has become messy due to the changing out of outfits, or frizzy from the heat.

With these tips you can have a stress-free mall day. Looking fabulous every hour, on the hour. Remember the three Cs when you dress for the mall, ‘cute’, ‘casual’ and ‘comfortable’.


Written by Nkem Ikeh

ImageSource: bstylish.info, jeans.about.com, itsanaturalthangpgh.com, davinadiaries.com

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