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It is easy to fall into routines when on a vacation and forget what the real fun is. Here are nine things you should definitely be considering when going on your next vacation:

-Travelling presents the opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and confront your fears. It might be mountaineering, swimming with sharks or just about any other crazy thing there is to do. Go ahead and try one of them after all, you don’t get these kind of opportunities every day.

-Since travelling is all about having fun, it is easy to fall into the routine of getting turnt at night and sleeping in in the morning. Take one night out and skip the night bar so you can wake up early to watch the sunrise, have a nice morning run or walk and settle in early for a good cup of coffee in the café with less competition.

-Street foods are like the major side attraction when on any vacation. Aside main dishes, street food can be very tasty and a good highlight in any travel diary. Be sure to ask around for where to get hygienic street food to avoid stomach upset. Get inspired with our gallery of street food in Nigeria.

-Spontaneity is fun when it comes to travel. Asides the destination of your vacation, the entire journey during the vacation is what makes it much more exciting. So stop following the timetable the tour company presented you with you and sneak out on your own and create your adventures

-Of course we are not asking you to ignore your digital memories when on a vacation but know when to put away your camera and just enjoy the view with your eyes. Take out time to inhale the fresh air and let the breeze brush against your skin, it is called vacation for a reason.

-When travelling, we tend to want to carry all our skin care products, one hundred and one items of clothing and extras of everything just in case. Unnecessary luggage presents you with stress and makes your holiday space quite stuffy. Travelling with only essential items is an experience of absolute freedom and you might end up being surprised at how little you really need.

-With travelling, plans sometimes fall through but learning to cope and making the best of every situation is key. Travel imparts flexibility in us and makes you prepared for the best while expecting the worst. So the very next time your flight is delayed, maybe you should consider window shopping the town.

-Write short daily notes about events, sights, places and people who keep memories that inspired you during the trip. Photographs are good ways to capture memories, just know when to drop the camera and look up.

-While the idea of vacation screams like luxury and enjoyment, the real fun can come from the adventure of staying in a remote village or a zero star hotel. The experience can be a big eye opener and offer new lessons to be learnt from the indigenes and locals.

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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