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… but neither one looks like their Game of Thrones character on this cover.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams looked exquisite on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where they channeled their friendship vibes.

The actors, who act as sisters – Sansa and Arya Stark – in the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, have always showed off their close friendship and bond outside of the movie, even though they barely got along as sisters in the film, until the end of season 7.

sophie turner and maisie williams

For the cover, Williams stands in front of Turner while the taller of the two embraces her from behind in a cute friendship/sisterhood way.

Williams is rocking a pastel pink hue complete with blunt bangs that fall just above her brow. While the length of her hair is basically the same as her character Arya, that’s where the similarities end. As for Turner, her red hair is gone, and she’s back to rocking blonde, a color she’s returned to before when not filming Game of Thrones. Unlike Sansa’s locks, Turner’s hair falls just below her shoulder, not down her back like the famous red head’s.

Cute right?

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