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Gozel Green is a brand created by fashionable twin duo Olivia and Sylvia Enekwe. They started the brand as students in 2010 and have quickly emerged as one of the most sophisticated and chic brands currently in the market.


gozel green

In an interview with the iconic twins, they shared with us five things people don’t know and may have never guessed about them.

  • We are not outgoing
  • We love basketball and play it regularly. In fact, it was our first love.
  • We’re both claustrophobic (fear of enclosed space) and acrophobic (fear of heights).
  • We’re addicted to Coca Cola’s Coke.
  • Our mother buys us identical things. Because that way, everyone is happy.

These young, talented creatives are setting trends in Nigeria and are definitely ones to watch out for. Their youthful, chic and elegant brand style is one that will alternate your style choice and open you up to new posibilities. Visit their website for their latest collection (called ‘Come Thunder’) and add some edge to your wardrobe. Here are a few choices from the collection:

gozel green

gozel green

The Gozel Green twins have more to share about fashion and being in the business. Come back to our fashion page later for more on Gozel Green.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: gozelgreen.com