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Though the rain might look beautiful when you are comfortable on the couch inside, the rain isn’t always the most enjoyable to experience when you can’t seem to get yourself warm! There is nothing worse than feeling cold and not being able to change that, so it’s important that you are armed with some good tips and tricks for the months ahead. Here are ways to warm up on a cold day.

feeling cold


You can never go wrong with a cozy blanket! Always have one hanging over the edge of your sofa so that you can grab it when it gets to that part of the day when the sun is going down. You are never too young to snuggle down in front of the TV!

Hot water bottle

Use a hot water bottle for when you are cold in the day and want a burst of warmth, but try not to use one at night in bed because you get into the situation of not being able to feel the benefit of your duvet when the water goes cold.

Hot chocolate

Treat yourself to something that warms your soul and your insides, a luxurious mug of hot chocolate! Any kind of hot beverage will raise your core temperature in a really pleasing way.

Fatty foods

The summer is far behind you and winter is in full swing, so give your body a little break from bikini obsession and indulge in some of your favorite fatty foods! Fat takes longer to metabolize, which in turn keeps you warmer for longer!


Root ginger is a wonderful ingredient for increasing your circulation and raising your body temperature. Grating some into a mug of hot water and lemon will help get warm blood traveling better to your cold extremities!
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Do something at home that involves using the oven and having it on for a period of time. Baking a batch of cookies or a slow cook dinner will heat up your kitchen in a lovely way.

By Damilola Faustino

Photo credit: www.self.com

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