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From choosing the right attire to pampering themselves in the salon, the new age grooms have a lot to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect look for their special day. Here are some tips that men should keep in mind when deciding their wedding look.

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Balance between trends and classics

Yes, trends are cool to follow, but try to stick to classic and timeless styles. When it comes to picking wedding outfit, men end up choosing the trending styles over classics and that is the biggest mistake. Wedding look should be royal and impeccable. And to fit the bill, classics are the safest option.

Accessorise rightly

In an attempt to look like a prince charming on their special day, grooms sometimes tend to go overboard when it comes to accessorising. Accessories like turban, necklace, rings, and brooches are there to enhance the look and not to spoil it. The art of balancing plays a very important role here. The age of bling is over and the trend of quirky and subtle pieces is very much appreciated. The best part of non-blingy stuff is that you can use them in future to create a fusion too.

Going too simple is a no-no 

Let simplicity take a back seat and don’t let anybody steal your thunder on your wedding day. Choose a suit that has a smooth and extravagant visual interest. Dress like a prince for your dream girl. Don’t hold back, just balance your look. Choose a look that is a perfect combination of sophisticated and royal. Not too much and not too dull.

Wrong aesthetics

Red and maroon are no more the only wedding colours. Pick the colours that interest you and combine them wisely. It’s your wedding day, don’t restrict yourself. These days, a lot of options are available in both, the softer and the brighter side of the colour pallet. Also, try to make sure that the colour suits your skin tone.

Socks insight: In case you are wearing formal shoes with a tuxedo or three-piece suit, make sure that the socks are in sync with the tone of the suit. Else, while flipping through the album in future you will get distracted by those white bright socks in the photos.

Beauty regime

While many men find grooming a bit off track, when it comes to your wedding, a bit of pampering is not at all harmful. All you need to do is to visit a salon, fix an appointment and get going.

By Damilola Faustino

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