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Like in most countries of the world, the weekends in Nigeria are always an answer to the prayer of the working majority. More often than not, we need a break from the Monday to Friday busy schedules of making decisions and following orders as a means to making cash to live the super cool, fun, and satisfying life we all feel we deserve.

From the hustler trying to find his place on the corporate ladder, to Forbes’ richest entrepreneurs, I believe the question on a Friday like this is simple:

To groove or not to groove?

To groove or not to groove 1 ‘Club literally can’t even handle these two right now’

Grooving ranges from hanging out with friends, plainly shaking it out in a club, adorning overpriced aso-ebi for a delicious plate of jollof or just cosying up with the boo and grooving it between the sheets (lol). I believe these options are easy solutions to calming the nerves and losing oneself to freedom that has been denied all week long boxed in the schedule of a rigid routine.

To groove or not to groove 2

‘I don’t know why this babe is smiling- that wood looks super uncomfortable’

However, I can’t help but wonder how much not grooving may be the pill needed to ease the stress of life and help smell the roses. Simply enjoying a long day of sleeping, eating, dreaming, T.V, reading a book, watching a movie with friends in a setting that allows noisemaking and predicting the next scene, going on a road trip, visiting a friend or relative who is sick, has a new baby, or you have not seen in a long time, may bring that genuine smile that simply reminds us that life is sweet, and belongs to us to enjoy.

So the choice is yours this weekend to groove, or not to groove, just make sure you enjoy the break, and re-energise yourself for the new week coming.

Written by Bolanle Olosunde

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