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By Damilola Faustino

It’s important now more than ever for businesses to have an effective presence online. In 2018, more businesses are using Instagram as their platform of choice to get in front of their customers. However, many businesses haven’t yet learned how to effectively leverage Instagram to grow their business. For this reason, we discuss effective ways to grow your small business with Instagram.

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Create a content strategy

Having a thorough content strategy is going to be essential for successfully growing your small business on Instagram. Ultimately, a content strategy gives your business direction. It tells you how to create and deliver your content for the best results. Additionally, a content strategy will help you maintain consistency and increase engagement.

Take advantage of Instagram promotions

Instagram has certainly become a great source for business owners as 800 million people are active on Instagram monthly. With that said, Instagram provides useful tools such as Instagram promotions to help business owners reach their target audience in a relatively short amount of time. Find the right ad for your business and create a seamless ad with precise customer targeting.

Share content consistently

Many business owners struggle with the idea of posting content for their customers and potential customers on a consistent basis. However, in order to keep a competitive advantage, businesses need to have a strong presence online. Ultimately, posting consistently keeps you on your target customer’s mind.

Create content your customers love

What’s the purpose of posting consistently if your content isn’t providing value to your customers? It’s important that business owners are creating content that supports the interest of their ideal customers. If you create content that your customers aren’t interested in, they will be disengaged, which means your chances of them being interested in your product or service is slim. Importantly, endeavour to Post at the right time.

Engage with Customers

Today, it’s not enough to just post content, but you have to engage with customers on a consistent basis. This not only builds trust but brand loyalty. Most businesses rely on long-standing customers who can become voluntary advocates for their business. Engaging with customers will lay the foundation for this type of relationship.

Use hashtags for your business

If you are on social media then you understand what hashtags are. But many business owners still don’t understand the importance of choosing the right hashtags for their business. Essentially, hashtags help content get in front of the right people. That means your hashtags need to be relevant to the content you created, and you also should use hashtags related to your customer’s interest.

Work with influencers

Instagram influencers are going to be extremely helpful in a business’s growth online. Social media influencers have built their own audience and have gained their trust through valuable content. With that said, businesses should collaborate with influencers who have already captured a target audience that you want to reach. Influencers can promote your product or service to their large audience, helping you to generate leads.

Create a strong call to action

Call to actions are important for every business as a strong call to action results in conversions. Essentially, a call to action will guide your audience on what they need to do next. You don’t want to consistently create content without a call to action because what happens is, people will engage with your posts, but those engagements won’t turn into actual sales.

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