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Perfumes bottles come in various sizes, different shapes and heights. They are made by different fashion houses under the direction of a perfumer; but of all the previously listed features, the scent (notes) and silage (longevity) are of utmost importance. I will be giving a walkthrough of steps to follow that will keep you from regretting a purchase, or being anxious for the next bottle to be empty.

Step 1-

Decide you want to smell nice: Yes! I said decide because smelling good is a personal decision.

Step 2-

Prepare a budget: It is very important when deciding to make a fragrance purchase or change a bottle, to have a budget. A budget ranging from a certain figure to another gives the buyer a clear outlook of their finances.

Step 3-

Make a list: A good list should typically comprise 5-10 perfumes. This list could be out of impulse, fluffy reasons such as¸ ‘the bottle is fine’, ‘my friend said she likes it’, ‘my friend uses it’, ‘I like the name of the fragrance’ ‘it is very feminine’ etc.

Step 4-

Go online: Prior to now, we didn’t have any Nigerian blog that gave perfume reviews but there are a couple of fragrance and fashion websites with great reviews and comments. When deciding on purchasing a perfume, check Fragrantica, Fragrancenet etc. and read comments of fragrances you have in mind. I have had instances where people tell me I purchased; ‘ABC by XYZ’ because the bottle looks nice. Or another where people perceive a perfume on their friend, and ask for the name and make a purchase, only to find out that the top note is terrible or the silage is pretty poor.

Step 5-

Revisit list: After watching and reading reviews and comments, the list should be shortlisted to about just 3 fragrances or in some cases 2.

Step 6-

Go to a physical store: Montaigne Place and Essenza are the biggest perfume stores in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. Walk into the one closest to your home, request for testers/paper strips and perceive your top 3.

Step 7-

Furnace: After perceiving the strips, take them back home to test their longevity. I remember reading reviews about the F by Ferragamo a while back and the review said it had decent silage. But leaving the strip in my bag till the next day and perceiving it, I could hardly perceive the strongest note, vanilla. Different scents for various weathers so this step is important.

Step 8-

Purchase: After going through the above steps, and the silage of one of the perfumes is your preferred choice go ahead and grab a bottle online or at the physical store. However, note most online websites sell replica fragrances especially during this harsh economic times; and scarcity of foreign currencies. Trust a few, most especially fragrances.com.ng

Step 9-

Wait for your friends to complement you by saying “You smell nice” 🙂

Free Advice

Do not break your account all in the name of ‘smelling nice’. Perfumes now count as an accessory and do not mask odours, instead they ameliorate your look.


Thanks for reading!


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