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Oh lazy days… There are some times when we feel the need to experiment with your hair and makeup. But then there are days when you really would rather not make any effort. Those lazy Saturdays where you don’t have any serious event (no owambe!) but you have to go get food at some point. Or groceries. Or you just feel like walking outside. You don’t have to be all glam for that. There are simple steps and products that will cut down your beauty regime.

Step One: Hair

Davine’s Forming Pomade will help you create a long lasting effect with minimal effort. This product will help you create a subtle movement for your natural hair. Comb your hair after applying into a pony tail and you are good to go. No extra styling needed.

forming pomade

Step Two: Skin

There is always the need for the primer/foundation/bronzer to give your skin the glow it needs for the day. Well, with the Niod’s Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%, you can get enhance your skin appearance for both pictures and real life.

Photography Tan Fluid

Step Three: Definition

The whole idea of a lazy-day is not to spend forever on make-up. Some people take up to two hours to get that glam well-defined make-up done. To cut that down, the Dior’s Diorblush Light & Contour allows you to sculpt skin quickly and easily. It also doubles up as an eye shadow crayon.


Step Four: Brows

Eyebrows are now the crux of make-up. More time is spent to make the brows perfect. The brow gel is here to make a difference. With this product, you don’t have to go through the rigour of drawing and defining your brows. A brow gel takes about 30 seconds to apply and makes all the difference.

Brow gel

Step Five: Mascara

This is a make-up item that some can forgo while others can’t. if you can’t, the Clarins’s Mascara Supra Volume gives you the volume you need. To complete that laid back Saturday look, it comes in brown for a subtler vibe.


Step Six: Lips

To finish the short timed beauty regime for your lips, you need something that will take minimal time to apply and needs minimal upkeep throughout the day. A regular lip balm will do the trip but if prefer a bit of colour, try Estée Lauder’s Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint. It gives you lips a rosy colour alongside hydrating nutrients.

lip tint

Love the list but don’t own any of it? Never fear cos the products listed above to achieve your best in a lazy day are available in  all Essenza stores.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: vogue.co.uk

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