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Guys have the tendency to get distracted when they see a beautiful woman. Don’t be surprised, it simply agrees with the saying that guys are moved by what they see. This what they see mantra has blinded some guys that they run after any girl. Guys, there are some ladies you don’t pursue no matter how jaw-dropping they appear. These are the ladies:

party ladies

  • The lady who loves to party hard

There is nothing wrong with partying. It is good to have a good time. However, if a lady is always jumping from one club to another, there is a very high possibility that she has quite a number of people hitting on her. You don’t want to join the queue.

phone lady

  • The lady addicted to her iPhone

Well, you may say this is a bit harsh but the essence of hanging out with someone is for the both of you to interact. However, the lady’s iPhone is constantly and repeatedly ringing. She is always replying chats and both of you scarcely have time to talk, there is no need for you to go ahead.


  • The lady is fresh out of a relationship

A lady whose heart has just been broken by a #YorubaDemon needs to heal. This is better if you want to have a healthy relationship devoid of talking about her ex. If you are serious about her, give her time. But some ladies don’t want to heal, they just dive into the hands of the next guy.  For you as a guy, you should ask questions, and if you observe that she just left a relationship, take a walk. The baggage is too much to handle sometimes.

outta control

  • The lady that blames everyone else

You are at a bar having drinks with your friends and you begin eyeing this particular lady who is on point. Then something suddenly happens and she begins to blame everyone else.  She doesn’t take responsibility for her actions. These ladies are the ones who complain, who will compare you with friends and are very problematic. Run away.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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