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For some guys, it is very difficult not to shave in a week. If they don’t, their beard will overgrow and it will not look good. But the fear that these guys have is razor bump. Razor bump is an irritating rash that sometimes appears after shaving and it can be very itchy. This is one of the side effects of shaving. However, this doesn’t have to be you. Here are ways to prevent razor bumps.

unnamed (79)Soften the beard

A soft beard is easier to get rid of. So before you shave, you can use soap and water to soften it. But ensure that you wipe off the water with a towel. It takes more time to shave a wet beard. Alternatively, you can shave it after taking your bath.

Use a safety razor

There are special razors for shaving beards, you should always use that one. But if you don’t you can use the regular blade but ensure that it is very clean. A safety blade can help prevent skin irritation.

Shave with the grain

Don’t shave against the grain because the blade could be caught in the hair of your beard which can damage your skin.

Do not rush

You should shave with light, short strokes as forcefully removing the beard hair is a direct route to razor bump.

Use a sharp razor

A sharp blade or razor gets rid of the hair very fast. You don’t need to stroke the razor several times to remove the beard. A blunt blade is just a waste of time and can result in a skin bump.

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Clean blade with alcohol

Before you use your blade, you should use alcohol to clean it. This will remove or kill any bacteria on your razor.

Clean your beard after every stroke

Do not shave your beard in one or two strokes. It is not advisable. You should try as much as possible to clean your beard with water after every stroke.

Rinse your face with cold water when done

The cold water helps close up your pores and reduces the possibility of razor bumps.

Apply a razor bump cream

After shaving, use razor bump cream, dry your blades and brush.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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