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Really, it is good to be tall. It has its advantages. You already have an automatic career in basketball. You can date ladies that are either tall or fairly tall. You see now! you should be proud that you are towering 6 ft. Nevertheless, when it comes to fashion, tall people make quite a number of mistakes. This usually puts them at a disadvantage because their height is not complementing their dress sense or style. Unknown to them, girls prefer tall guys. These girls will love you more if you are tall and you’ve got the style. Here are ways you should dress if you are tall. You can be tall and at the same time trendy!

Emmanuel Ikubese

Fitted clothes

You may be tempted to wear big and unfitting clothes because of your height. This is probably because you can’t find clothes that will cover the full length of your body and still be fitted. Your fashion designer can help make little adjustments. Fitted clothes make you smart.

Use a tie that is not too long or short

Your tie is getting too long if it goes beyond your belt. The correct length of a tie for tall persons is the belt or slightly above it. It should not be longer or shorter than that.

Avoid bold prints

Bold prints are those obvious or loud stripes on your shirt. You should wear clothes with tiny or little prints. Leave the bold prints for short guys.

Never match your cloth, shoe, and tie

You don’t want to look taller than usual. A way to make this happen is to match your clothes, shoes, belt and tie. The art of matching attires is not for tall guys. Your height will be shortened if you don’t match your clothes and accessories.

Go for horizontal striped clothes

Horizontal striped clothes are perfect for tall guys as it will not add height to your overall appearance. So, your suit, shirts, and trousers should be horizontal rather than vertical.

Written by Damilola Faustino


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