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Fine, two people are responsible for a happy relationship. However, the onus is more on the guy to fuel the relationship so that it will stand the test of time. This means they must be in sync to ensure they are on the same page. So, as a guy, if you love your girl so much and want her to stay, here are the things you need to stop doing:


— Paying More Attention To Your Phone

Get rid of your phone when you are together. No pinging, No Whatsapping. Just concentrate on each other. Girls are more culpable but guys also do it.

— Being Sexually Irresponsible

Sleeping with other girls besides your girlfriend is very irresponsible. She will find out some day if she does not already know.

— Having  a tough guy persona

You are always showing that you are macho man. You are never emotional. You do not sympathise. Do not wait until another guy is giving her emotional satisfaction before you realize that you do not need your tough person when it comes to dealing with women.

— Sending X-Rated photos

Exchanging all those X-rated photos and videos with other girls? Stop it.

— Not taking a stand for her

She is being harassed by another man and you cannot say something or stand up for her. She will be very disappointed and soon she will be disenchanted and call off the relationship.

— Not messaging/calling back

Some guys can go for days without calling their bae. Most times, no explanation is given. They do not just want to talk to her. Stop it, please.

— Staring at other women when together

Concentrate on her alone. Staring at other women will make her feel inferior or less beautiful. Meanwhile, she has done everything to look good for you.

— Not complimenting her

It is not difficult to say you are beautiful. Tell her this and she will radiate in a wonderful smile. That is her saying thank you for appreciating her!

— Kissing and telling

Do not kiss and tell. It can be very embarrassing for her if she finds out. She will not think twice to break up if you being kissing and telling. A gentleman does not do this.

— Talking about other women

Keep the talk about other women to your friends. Do not talk about them with your girl especially your escapades with them.

— Letting your fears cloud your judgment 

Do not let your insecurities get the better of you. You will keep hunting where there is no prey. Just trust her and everything will work out.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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