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By Damilola Faustino

You are having a good day and suddenly this annoying headache strikes and ruins everything. Many people suffer from sudden headaches, some even see it as a normal part of their day now, but it is never healthy and constant use of pills for the headaches can cause your body to become immune to the drugs. Here are likely causes of those headaches and how to avoid them.

Damp hair

When you take a shower and don’t dry your hair completely, the water continues to rest on your scalp and makes your scalp too cold, thus causing headaches. This is mainly caused by the dampness. So always dry your hair properly. You don’t need to use a hairdryer, just dry it thoroughly.

Out in the sun

Too much heat on your scalp tends to give you a headache. Also, if you’re out on a hungry stomach, the exhaustion of moving about in the sun causes problems. So eat well and wear proper protective headgear.

Staring at your screen

Laptops and computer screens are very bright these days and they put undue strain on the eyes. When our eyes are under strain, it can turn into a headache. So take a break every hour or blink often.

Reading while lying down

It is not a good idea to read when you’re in bed. It puts undue strain on your eyes. Always sit upright when you’re reading. Also, ensure there is ample light.


Our brains are 80% water. When it dehydrated, the brain will shrink and pull away from the skull triggering a headache. Basically, dehydration headaches are caused by inadequate fluid levels in the body.

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