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By Damilola Faustino

Some of us don’t really care what colour our nails are painted, but your nail polish plays a huge role in giving off your overall look. Now, picking the most appropriate nail polish is a struggle to some girls, especially since there are many considerations when choosing the right colour such as skin tone, and style. We narrowed some of these considerations and here are some of them:

nail cuticles

Your skin tone

There’s probably no need to elaborate just how important it is to match nail polish to your complexion. You may see a colour or shade that looks good on your friend. However, it didn’t translate just as well when you’re sporting it.

Your outfit

Some nail experts say that your nail polish should never match your outfit while others say it’s fine. In this case, when you’re choosing a nail polish colour based on your outfit, go with your instincts. Feel free to choose a complementary but not necessarily matching the colour or, if you’re in love with a particular shade that matches a top, a skirt, or a pair of shoes, go for it!

Put Your Activities Into consideration

If you are a career lady, you might want to avoid bright colours. Not many organisations allow this. It wouldn’t be nice to have your nail colour distracting everyone else at a  meeting.  It advisable you use nude nail polish.

The Occasion

You also need to think about the day or the occasion when you’re choosing the right nail polish colour. If you’re just hanging out, feel free to be colourful or try some fun designs. If you’re going to work, attending a meeting, or something like that, keep things more neutral.

Latest Trends

Pay attention to what’s currently trending and popular. Try out what’s on the radar but you also need to be discerning whether it fits you and your style or lifestyle among many other considerations.

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