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With the level of penetration that technology has infused into or lives, addiction is almost inevitable. With its importance however, children have to be made familiar with technology at a young age. In order to prevent addiction, accidents and encourage mindfulness, here are hacks to using technology in the classroom:

computer in class

Teach analogue activities before digital activities.
When students learn digital activities first, for example reading on a device, it can be difficult for them to transfer those skills to the analogue version. Teach the analogue version first. After mastery has been achieved, then introduce the digital version.

Establish a screen-free classroom zone.
Set a physical location or time of day when all screens are off in the classroom. Encourage students to do the same outside of school, and take time to unplug every day.

Put your own phone away.
We are the best models for our students and children. Try to remember to keep your own phone stored away. Turning off notifications can help you be tempted less to use your phone.

Consider a weekly digital detox
This is another behaviour we can model. If possible, take some regular time away from technology each week. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it!

By Damilola Faustino

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