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By Damilola Faustino

When eggs stay long without you boiling and frying, it will go bad sooner rather than later. So, when it comes to preserving eggs there is a lot to know. Fortunately, there are ways to preserve eggs and maintain their nutritional content for an extended period of time. Here are some of the ways to preserve eggs to prolong freshness:



Eggs can be stored for up to two to three months at temperatures below 55 F without doing anything to them. This said you have to monitor the humidity. If humidity levels are too low, the eggs will dry out and if too high, the eggs will sometimes get mouldy.

Coat your eggs with mineral oil 

Coating eggs with oil usually seal the shell to prevent evaporation during storage. The eggs you’re going to store this way should be oiled and stored within 24 hours of being laid – this is critical so it means that you will not be able to oil and save store bought eggs for the long term.

Use salt 

This is another easy way to preserve eggs. First off be sure to use only fresh eggs that you have not cleaned. If they age more than 24 hours your chances of success diminish rapidly. Also, exposure to extreme heat or cold will hinder your preservation process, so keep that in mind as well. Just place the eggs in salt.


Pickling is the process whereby you preserve food with preservatives in bottles. You can use vinegar among other preservatives. Simply place the eggs in a bottle that contains preservatives with a sealed lid.

Don’t wash eggs

Each egg is laid with a protective coating called a cuticle or bloom, which shields the egg’s interior. When the egg comes into contact with water, the bloom is washed away, leaving the egg’s contents vulnerable.

Throw away rotten eggs

You’d be surprised how many not-so-fresh eggs make it to the kitchen. Once they’re out, it can be hard to tell between cracked or rotten eggs and freshly laid eggs. To keep from getting confused, any questionable suspects should be thrown away.

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