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By Sarah Oyedo

Whether you work from home, or have a day job you dress up for, clothes are always a necessity. Except you want to walk around with threadbare seams hanging on your frame, you’d have to shop for clothes one time or the other. And how much to set aside for shopping and how to get the best of it without spending too much is always a hassle. Everyone has a budget, but not everyone’s budget can always cover what they really want. Even Beyoncé has been spotted shopping at Target a couple of times. So here are our hacks to shopping like Queen Bey while on a Jenifa Budget:


Firstly, you do not have to go for the very pricey stuff to look good. It’s just a question of discovering what kinda clothes appeal to you and matching it to fit your style.
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If you’re a guy who’s simply a sleeves and pants person, you can still look really hot on a budget. Same goes for the lady who likes to look flashy and trendy. Here are some ways you can maneuver your shopping on a budget:

Buy Quality: you’ve probably heard this a lot and yes it’s absolutely true; you’re better off buying quality clothing items. These may come more expensive than the cheap stuff but you’ll be grateful you chose to spare a few more change. One way to know good clothing is the seams. If you check closely, you’d find that the stitches in the well-made item than that of the cheaper ones. This is a green light signal that it would hold for much longer. Another way of telling is in the fabric of the clothing. Stick to fabrics with some weight or drape except you’re going for linen, silk or chiffon; those guys can withstand the winds of time I tell you. Also avoid materials like polyester and its kind. The tag will give you this information.

Discover your style: Before you buy an item that looks flashy on a mannequin on impulse, take a breath and ask yourself if its something you really want to wear. discovering the sides of fashion that best suits you will guide you and save you more money while shopping. This way, you don’t end up buying clothing items that you will sit in your wardrobe till the next time there’s a clean out. You’ll utilize clothes better if you purchase items that you comfortable in and excited about wearing.

Take better care of your clothes: it’s no secret that you clothes will go bad quickly if you do not take good care of them. Do not wash too often and keep them in an airy closet. Also store suits and other delicate items in canvas storage bags for better protection.

Items that match: a mismatched wardrobe will give more headaches than you know. Buy more clothes that match, like that skirt that matches the blouse sitting idle in your wardrobe. This way you have something to always wear and look good while still riding on that budget.

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