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By Damilola Faustino

In a Utopian world, you would gladly get out of bed as early as you can, do a bit of exercise, prep for work and hit the road. In the real world, you would be lackadaisical, laggard and struggle to even get off your bed. The consequences of this are that your daily routine may be slowed and you will be perennially late. If you don’t want this label, here are ways you can accelerate your morning routine!

Plan what to wear a day before

For those who are always confused about what to wear, it is advisable for them to plan what to wear a day before. This will definitely speed up getting ready. In addition, try to bulk-iron all of your clothes at the weekend.

Keep your makeup items organised

Even if you are super fast in making up, your morning routine may still be disrupted if your makeup essentials are not organised.  It means you have to find everything you need for your makeup. This can eat up a lot of time. Have a makeup kit for your makeup essentials.

Buy a microfibre towel

A micro fibre towel can easily absorb water. This means that you do not need to waste time on blowing or drying your hair. You should simply wrap your damp or wet hair with a microfiber towel and focus on other things.

Take breakfast to work

Taking breakfast to work can shave a huge amount of time off your morning regime. When you get to work, you can eat at your desk. The biggest benefit of this is that you will stay fuller for longer.

Bulk-cook lunch on Sunday

Bulk-cook a few meals on Sunday and keep them in the freezer. When you need them, you can simply microwave it. This will not only speed up your morning routine, it will also help you save money on buying lunch.

Wake up on time

All of the above will simply be a sheer waste of time if you wake up very late. If it means setting your alarm to help you in waking up, you should.

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