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By Damilola Faustino

Although technological advancements have ensured smartphones today can carry bigger and better batteries inside, only some of the phones out there are what you call ‘good-enough’ in this department. There are still a truckload of smartphones in the market that have only satisfactory battery lives. That said there are a number of ways to improve your phone’s battery life and squeeze out enough juice from it so it can last longer than you expected. Here are tips and tricks to help you prolong your smartphone’s battery life:

low battery

Your phone’s screen brightness/set this to automatic

Allow your phone automatically decide its optimum screen brightness according to the ambient environment. In case you want a manual control over its brightness, it’s advisable you set it close to the 50 percent mark, rather than keeping it to a full. Your smartphone’s bright and vibrant display consumes a lot of power, therefore keeping a check on it should improve battery life significantly.

Always turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

It’s a common sight for users to keep their Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi on for far longer than they need them. Sometimes, you share a file via Bluetooth and then forget to close it. As for the Wi-Fi, many users have it open to detect available connections and connect accordingly. An open Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are significant power drainers on your phone since they continuously work to detect nearby signals. Also, keeping these open unnecessarily is also a threat to your smartphone privacy/security.

Keep a check on your location/GPS Tracking

Similar to your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, the location tracking feature that tracks your location using radio waves and satellites (Google Maps is an example) drains out your phone battery drastically. It is recommended that you keep this on only when you require navigation, and keep it close at all other times (to keep a check on your mobile data as also its battery).

Keep your screen timeout low

Screen timeout is the time your smartphone takes to automatically go into a sleep mode in the absence of any activity (swipe or tap). Keep the screen timeout of your phone to a minimum. After all, keeping your display on when you don’t need it is a genuine waste of battery juice.

Turn off notifications from unnecessary apps

While it’s good to receive notifications from useful apps (like news and email etc), most apps today tend to send out random notifications that are really not needed. Also, it’s advisable to have the phone vibrate function off for notifications (also in general) to save on your battery juice since vibration drains it significantly.

Avoid using flash while taking photos

Smartphones today include an LED flash along with the cameras. While a LED flash is a handy resource in low light, it is also a major battery drainer. Use it only if you must, and use it wisely.

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