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The narrative of the new generation as to the myth surrounding men and how they pay (or do not pay) attention to how they look has gradually changed.

Men actually do care just as much as women about looking good and just like women, some care more than others.

Since hair is such a major part your of appearance, keeping it well maintained is important. This post will highlight to ways men can keep their hair soft and fresh looking 24/7:

Moisturize everyday

Kinky hair, especially in the harsh climate of our continent has the tendency to dry out quickly. There are numerous moisturizers in the market so finding one that suits you will require some patience. Be on the look-out for products containing shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil and make sure to moisturize from the roots of the hair up to the tip to keep your locks soft.

Shampoo Less

Shampooing too often can cause short, black hair to become dry and brittle. This is because most retail shampoos contain a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS. SLS is a detergent responsible for cleaning the hair. Unfortunately, it can also strip the hair of natural oils that protect it, leaving it dried and prone to breakage. Apply shampoo on your hair only once or twice a week and stay away away from products containing SLS.

Choose a style

Being experimental with hairstyles is cool but when you find something that works for you, it is advisable to stick to it. A hairstyle that speaks to you and works with your face shape. Be known for a certain look as this brings more statement to your personal style.

By Sarah Oyedo

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