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Ready to finally find your ideal haircut?

This is your ultimate resource to get the hottest hairstyles and haircuts in 2017. Seeing how natural hair has brought so much attention to short hairstyles, ladies have decided to rock different short hair looks, including tinting their hair in different colours.

Hence, today, we are focusing on red tints.

red hair

If you’ve always wanted to go short, now’s a better time than ever to take the plunge. 2017 has so far, introduced us to different short hair trends and we will be sharing some of these looks with you.

red hair1

This tinted hairstyle comes in different styles, ranging from curls, straight, Anita-Baker, wavy and more. It also comes in an ombre form, which gives more attention and look to the hair.

red hair7

Another amazing thing about this hairstyle is that, it can be worn for different occasions, both corporate and casual. It can also be worn with different fashion pieces and complementing makeup looks.

red hair2

red hair8

You could also go for curls of varying lengths and cuts to spice up your red hair. Check out these celebrity looks that will act as your spiritual hair guide:

red hair3

red hair four

red hair5

red hair6

Written by Obiajunwa Ugochi

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