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You probably do some of the same tasks on your smartphone every day. When you get into the car, you want to play your driving playlist. While taking your dog out for a walk, you start listening to your favorite podcast. On your way home, you text your significant other when you’ll get there. These are repetitive tasks all of us do on our iPhones. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate them? Thanks to Siri Shortcuts, you can do just that.


Set multiple alarms at once

If you need three or more alarms to wake up every day, it makes sense to create a shortcut that starts multiple alarms at once. Using the Toggle Alarm shortcut, you can enable an alarm that you’ve already created. The Create Alarm action does just as it sounds.

Start a timer

Timers come in handy every day for the laundry, coffee, boiling pasta, and more. Create a shortcut for your most-used timers and you can trigger them from Shortcuts widget or Siri.

Play a playlist

The Play Playlist shortcut comes straight from the Shortcuts Library and it’s quite simple. Just pick one of the available playlists and choose Repeat or Shuffle options. If needed, add a Siri phrase.

Turn off Wi-Fi

When you turn off Wi-Fi from Control Center, it doesn’t stay off completely. The next morning at 5am, it re-enables automatically.
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This shortcut properly disables Wi-Fi from settings.

Quickly send a predetermined iMessage

Using the Send Message action in Shortcuts, you can dispatch a canned message to one or more contacts using the Messages app. After adding the Send Message action, add recipients and text. Disable the Show When Run toggle to make this a background process. If you routinely send the same text message over and over to family members (like that you’ve left home), this action can be a huge time saver. Add a Siri phrase to do this without even touching your iPhone.

Add a song to your playlist

When you’re exploring Apple Music and come across an awesome song, you usually have to tap quite a bit to add it to one of your favorite playlists. But there’s an easier way. Initiate this shortcut when you’re playing the song, pick the playlist, and you’ll add it to the end of the list.

By Damilola Faustino

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