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44 years ago today, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka Fire Marshall, aka Rap god….was born. Today we are going through 5 of our favorite Eminem verses, as regards the impact such verses had on the hiphop community, the general public, and of course how flaming the bars were. Let’s go.

#5. My Name Is- 1st Verse (The Slim Shady LP-1997)

First of all that intro. The track scratch sound, and the way he signs in saying ”HI…MY NAME IS”. This was the beginning of Eminem marking his territory as a rebel with zero regards what you think about his inappropriateness and his constant jabs at both father and mother.


#4. Stan- Entire Song (The Marshall Mathers LP-2000)

This song is on this list simply for being the origin of the expression ”Stan” when used to describe a devoted follower of someone. eg a Beyonce stan, or Kanye West stan. As Eminem tells the tale of an obsessive fan from the fan’s point of view and letter writing, he delivered one of the most morbid hiphop songs of all time.


#3. Rap God- 2nd Verse (The Marshall Mathers LP 2- 2013)

This is the song that entered Guinness Book Of World Records, for most words in a hit single. The man was on verbal fury, thereby delivering 1,560 words in 6mins and 4 secs. This was Eminem’s sequel album to the Marshall Mathers LP, and the single was his way of saying ”i’m still here and I still ain’t playing”


#2. Renegade- 1st Verse (Jay Z: The Blueprint-2001)

This is everyone’s go to song in the popular JayZ/Eminem argument. Maybe it was the fault of Nas for pointing out that Em dominated Jay….on Jay’s own track, but the hiphop community held on to that notion and it became even bigger than the song.

Random Info: The song Renegade was originally Eminem’s song featuring Royce Da 5’9, but was later changed to and for Jay Z.


#1. Lose Yourself- 1st Verse (8 Mile Soundtrack Album- 2002)

”His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy”. This opening line is arguably the most popular Eminem flow, known by fans and none fans alike. As the sign in line of the soundtrack to ”8 Mile” the verse has become a motivational story that expresses themes of fear, doubt and lack of confidence. Then it switches to themes of faith, strong will, and overcoming of doubt.

Did we leave out anyone? Let us know your favorite Eminem verses of all time.

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