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By Damilola Faustino

Nigeria has been independent for 57 years! It has been a very long and tough journey. This has made many people to condemn and criticise the country, believing that there is nothing to celebrate. This is probably true. But amidst this despondency, there are still some reasons why Nigerians need to celebrate. Be reminded of these reasons.

Nigerian woman

Nigeria is united

One popular statement that you hear from successive Nigerian presidents is that the unity of the country is not negotiable. So far, President Muhammadu Buhari has kept the country united despite efforts by some secessionists groups to secede.

Nigeria is no longer in recession

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that Nigeria is out of recession. This time last year, many Nigerians were grumbling about economy. Today, the economy is slowly recovering and reports showed that it grew by 0.55%.

Nigerians no longer rely on the government

Since governments at the three tiers of government have failed to provide basic life amenities including water, shelter and food, many Nigerians no longer depend on the government for these things. The trend is for Nigerians to provide their food, Jobs, water, security and shelter among others. Although this is unusual, it is norm in Nigeria.

We are playing the best football of our lives

One of the things that unite Nigeria is football and Nigerians are very excited because the super eagles are playing the best football since 1996 under coach Gernot Rohr. In fact Nigeria only need to defeat Zambia on October 7.

Boko Haram is technically defeated

Even though Boko Haram still attack soft targets, they do not hold any territory in Borno, their stronghold. They have been technically defeated.

Our President has finally stayed in Aso rock after over 90 months in London

For over 90 days, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari was in London for medical checkup. Although he did not disclose his ailment, many Nigerians prayed fervently for his return. Now he is back in control and it is worth celebrating.

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