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It’s finally 2017! That means what was one of the worst years in history is finally over and it’s time for new beginnings.



So what will the New Year bring for you? Is it your year to slay? The year of the savage. Your year to make all the money? Or perhaps it’s your year to finally tie that man down and get a ring on that finger!

Whatever your plans for 2017 are, we here at Accelerate are wishing you the Happiest New Year and hoping you all get whatever your hearts desire!




While lying in bed recovering from the church/club turn up of yesterday night, why not relive some of our shows from last year? Get lost in On the Real again, catch up with some of Nigeria’s top Mavericks, make sure you stay on trend with Fashion Fix or figure out what it’s like being a celebrity for a day in Day Pass. Relive some of our best moments…

…and get ready for many, many more.

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