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If life has pelted you with unrelenting pain and you feel trapped in fear, it is understandable. Truly, everyone goes through this phase. But you have no choice than to keep moving forward. Take each day as a new day and step out, even if you’re scared as you do it. On the flip side, if you’re burying your talent simply because your predictable life is easy and comfortable, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Here are five undeniable truths about taking risks in life:

risk taker

It offers you clarity

Taking risk will sack every ounce of predictability and of course force you to exit your comfort zone. Ultimately, you will gain more clarity on who you are, passion and purpose as well as clarity about what is most valuable to you in this life.

Cost you more than you anticipated up front

Truly, it will. But the reward is greater than the risk. Even if the risk ends up not working out, the learning experience is definitely worth the investment.

It is not at all equivalent to gambling

Taking risks has nothing to do with throwing caution to the wind or flipping a coin. It involves careful planning, deliberate investigation and a truckload of counsel.

Not taking risks will likely produce regret

And at the end of life, will you look back and ask the proverbial question, “What if?” You do not want to be in such a situation when you are supposed to be taking a calculated risk but you keep footdragging. If you do, you will definitely regret it later.

By Damilola Faustino

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