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Fresh marriage rumours are trailing ‘Reggae Blues’ singer Harrysong as popular blogger Linda Ikeji reported that Harrysong got married secretly to his girlfriend- 2014’s Most Beautiful Girl in Niger Delta, Harriet Eddie. The reports said that he got married sometime last year but has kept it secret in an attempt not to chase away his female fans.



Harrysong and his Girlfriend

But um, apparently that isn’t actually the case.

Harrysong’s manager has said: “It’s a lie. I don’t know where Linda got such a story from. Nothing of the sort has happened.”




Sometime back, a female fan was all over Harrysong, sending love messages in both romantic and scary ways, with the sole desire to have him to herself. The story got him quite a bit of publicity.

Harrysong has also recently launched his own record label named “Alter Plate” after leaving Five Star Music controversially. Female attention certainly can’t hurt. So even if he did get married, would he admit it?

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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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