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This season has began with mixed feelings for Manchester City and their manager, Pep Guardiola. Currently in his fifth season as their manager, most clubs tend to falter after about four seasons, with managers always pointing out the need to refresh the team as an important factor to keep the team going.

City this season, haven’t been entirely bad, they’ve been average at best, and as the standings currently show, when the best teams are playing averagely, the lesser teams tend to pounce on such opportunities.

The Premier League is very unique, in the sense that a lot of teams tend to invest heavily, so at the slightest slip up, you might find yourself at the wrong of the table.

There’s a reason Guardiola is one of the most successful coaches in the history of the game, he brings out the maximum capability in talented players. Then the question arises, can Guardiola do this for as long as coaches like Ferguson and Wenger?

Pep spent four seasons at Barcelona, before taking a break. He went to Bayern after a year break, and spent another four season, before heading to Manchester City. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Spanish coach change clubs, to take on a new challenge or maybe take another deserved break.

Popular for splashing cash on big signings, there are questions on how long he can keep splashing the cash. Even Madrid who are known for spending the most money, do not spend as much as City right now. This summer, they didn’t make any signing. That’s evidence of the need to utilize the players at the disposal of the club, rather than always heading into the transfer market.

Guardiola has three right backs, two goalkeepers, three left backs, and four center backs, and still has a very suspect defense. While the defense isn’t constantly exposed due to his style of holding possession, there’s always a time when it would be exposed.

While it’s too early to say City might not hit their peak this season, it’s quite clear there are few problems Pep is currently facing. But if that turns out to be the case it is also easy to see Guardiola departing in the summer, it is also just as easy to foresee a season of transition in which they add further trophies nevertheless, with a rejuvenated manager cementing a new vision ready for next season.




By: Muyiwa aguda 

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