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Let’s face it, we all have baggage – and if you travel frequently, it can really begin to weigh you down, literally! You are dashing between airports, hotels, and Ubers over 40 weeks a year, sometimes weeks at a time to different events and climates. Feeling good in what you wear plays a big part in feeling confident and ready to take on the world. If you forget a pivotal piece – like that perfect-fitting skirt to your favorite suit that makes you feel like a CEO – it can really throw you off your game. These packing tips will help.


Start packing before the night before

Don’t wait until the night before to pack. Juggling family, work and life often leaves us with less time than expected. When packing is left for last minute, things are forgotten or we pack too much and end up with way too many clothes and nothing to wear. Using a checklist is also a lifesaver.

Use a clothes rack to pack

Pull the pieces you think will work for the trip and hang them on the rack in order of each day and what you might wear. You can visually see what can mix and match, and you don’t end up with a clothes tornado.

Roll clothes rather than folding them

They wrinkle less, you can fit more in your suitcase and visually see all you have much better. For more delicate items, put them in dry cleaning bags or use gift wrapping tissue between layers.

Buy a travel-size steamer

Hotel irons are unpredictable and if they are old or rusty they can ruin your clothes. (Not Cool!) Steaming is so much easier and better for your clothes, and everything looks showroom ready – even when you are on the road. (In a pinch, if the hotel has a dress shop, they have a steamer. Bring your outfit down and ask to have it steamed).

Invest in an under-the-seat travel bag

Your travel bag becomes your survival bag if your luggage takes a detour. Some of the things that should be in the bag are: toiletries, make-up, nicer jewelry and tech gear (chargers, cords and power packs), an extra wrap to use as a blanket to prevent frostbite on a cold plane, money for emergencies, power bars, an empty water bottle, headphones, a good book, an extra pair of undies and makeup wipes.

By Damilola Faustino

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